惊天魔盗团第一部经典句子英文 惊天魔盗团的中英文台词


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惊天魔盗团第一部经典句子英文 惊天魔盗团的中英文台词




                                       NOW YOU SEE ME ----惊天魔盗团

  绚丽的魔光,映射舞台上亮丽的灯火。各个身手不凡的four horsemen魔术师,在片头小露身手,即已塑造非凡形象。由聪慧快舌头Atlas,厚粉底老美女henley,稚气快手jack,心灵捕手兼大个子meritt,在一次被安排的偶然碰面,组成“the four horsemen”魔术团。凭借高超的魔术,及幕后老板Arthur Tressler支持,horsemen魔术团旋风式地风靡全美。第一次公开表演的主题竟是窃盗银行,果然成功了,但不求钱财的魔术四人组,把钞票从天而降散落到观众席中。第二次的公开演出,公然捅幕后老板Arthur Tressler背后一刀。漩涡似的疑问降顶:这四人到底为了什么?

  Brilliant light magic, mapping stage bright lights. All the extraordinary skill four horsemen magician,in the first small dew skill, which have shaped special image. The intelligent Atlas quick tongue,thick foundation old beauty Henley, childish hands jack, good will hunting and big MERITT,occasionally meet once arranged, composed of "the four horsemen" magic. With his magic, andbehind the scenes boss Arthur Tressler support, horsemen magic whirlwind swept the nation. The first public performance of the theme was the theft of bank, as a success, the magic Quartet but without money, put the money to drop from the clouds scattered to the audience. Second publicperformances, openly poke behind the scenes boss Tressler Arthur knife. Whirlpool doubt droptop: the four for what? Making


  Compete with Bradley to expose famous magician magic, chasing after the magic Quartet go. And the other side is detective Dylan and Alma chase thieves magic quartet. Four crisis still persist in one"s old ways, by torture does not fear the police. The film so far, lead by the magic Quartet todetective Dylan and Alma, this is probably the biggest flop movies. The little front behind themagic Quartet, as the attack, was suddenly the strength to send Dylan and super temperamentbeauty Alma, the leading role identity, obtrusive. Although they and the magician Bradley lens,can be at the beginning of the movie to create momentum, because of the improper arrangementXifen be contusion directly. If the film from start to finish to magic Quartet, perhaps the plot atmosphere coherence will be better. Such arrangements may be directed to a surprise ending,but at the end of the film, leaving a pile of did not say clearly the question, what is the "eye"organization? Why XX can be the head of eye? And so on and so on. Ending unfinished, enough to show the film cop-out. Making


  Treatment of lens is funny. In particular, add the magic magic and mysterious, more be good to hear or see. True or false, false is true, false ones, I think the true mingled with the false featurefilm. When the third field of the public at the end of the show, the magician jumped down, detective Dylan directly pulled a gun shot, but the purpose is a magician magic group portrait of counterfeit money, falling down, like the perfect curtain call off. Making


  This time I don"t know what is real, what is false. It is really magic true, or is the computer special effects really. Confusion has no answers, director seems to have a critical killer, and attempted to use the surprise a plot climax. Unfortunately, defeated. Making

  电影题目《now you see me》,传神地演绎魔术师诱导观众的那一句“now you see me”,也稍有韵味地传达:你看得,未必是真的,哪怕你现在正看着。

  Movie title "now you see me", vivid interpretation of the magician inced the audience that the sentence "now you see me", also slightly has the flavor to convey: you see, is not necessarily true, even if you are looked at. Making


  The arrangement of the ending seems to put this one theme throughout. Unfortunately, lack of areasonable explanation. In detail, and hurried over, hiding in the running of the Trojan horsebehind, is that have a blurred vision. A layer of regret. Just as the fake magic really computer effects of humanization of counterfeit money, it seems that the closeout, director Zhang Kuangwang has been allowing no explanation for, like a child watching lie lie was punctured toexaggeration to hit off speech, intention in emotional atmosphere. Making

  谜底揭晓的大boss出现,把电影降了一个档次。用两三分钟揭晓魔术四人组针对法国银行,老板Arthur Tressler以及最后盗窃的保险箱,缺乏条理的论述,浪费了这个惊喜。剧情里的五光十色,也阴暗了隐藏的主线,致使后来的剧情高潮没能达到相对的高度,这有点可惜

  The answer revealed high boss occurs, the film down a notch. In two or three minutes the magic at French bank announced the foursome, safe boss Arthur Tressler and finally theft, lack ofcoherent discourse, wasted the surprise. The plot of the resplendent with variegated coloration isdark, hidden line, resulting in the later plot climax can"t achieve relatively high, this is a pity


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