感谢句子的经典句英文句子 表达感谢的英语语句

1. Thanks a lot(多谢)

例:Thanks a lot for looking after the children.

2. Thanks very much(非常感谢)

例:Thanks very much for making dinner tonight.

3. Thank you very much(非常感谢你)

例:Thank you very much for dinner – it was great.

4. Thank you so much(太谢谢你了)

例:Thank you so much for helping me out today.

*注* Thanks相比Thank you更口语化,后者更正式、感情更丰富一些。

6. Many thanks(多谢)


例:Many thanks for the lovely present.

7. Appreciate(感谢)


例:I appreciate your concern, but honestly, I"m fine.

8. Much obliged(深表谢意、感激不尽)


例:I am much obliged to you for your patience ring the recent difficulties.

9. I owe you one/I owe you big time.(我欠你个人情/我欠你一个大人情)



You got me promoted. I owe you one.

You helped me out with the essay. I owe you big time.

10. You’re too kind(你真是太好了)


例:Thank you for for the glowing praise. You’re too kind.



1. Thank you so much for …….

2. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for……

3. I’m writing to express my sincere gratitude for……

4. I’m grateful to you for ……

5. I truly appreciate your ……

6. Words fail to convey my gratitude to you.

感谢句子的经典句英文句子 表达感谢的英语语句


The remotest corners of the globe have to do, only Shien infinite period. Thank you, teacher!天涯海角有尽处,只有师恩无穷期。感谢您,老师!

2. Thanksgiving just won"t be the same without you.没有你,感恩节就不会一样了。

3. From all of us to all of you at Thanksgiving.我们全体祝你们感恩节快乐。

4. Rivers pushes us to the vast sea, the dawn brings us bright morning; my dear teacher, you lead us to a magnificent life.江河把我们推向浩瀚的大海,曙光给我们带来明媚的早晨;亲爱的老师,您把我们引向壮丽的人生。

5. Dear teacher, thank you for illuminating my voyage of life with your own light of life. My grateful sentiments come from the bottom of my heart.老师,感谢您用自己的生命之光,照亮了我人生的旅途,对您我满怀感谢之情。

6、“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”

– Marcel Proust, Novelist

对于使我们高兴的人,让我们心怀感恩,他们是有魅力的植栽者,让我们的灵魂绽放。– 马塞尔·普鲁斯特 (小说家)

7、Life is not a thankful,; The gratitude, all respect you. 感恩之心,人皆有之;感恩之人,世皆敬之。

8、Thankless people fall in trouble, can"t be saved. 忘恩的人落在困难之中,是不能得救的。

9、He gave you a favour, he gives you now, to express him!是他给了你恩惠,是他给了你现在,去感恩他吧!

10、Institute of Thanksgiving, do a beneficial to society.学会感恩,做一个有益于社会的人。

11、Help, just lift a finger, and thanks is endless.帮助,只是举手之劳,而感谢却是永无止境的。

12、Light to see the world to smoke, remember the kindness blood.淡看世事去如烟,铭记恩情存如血。

13、A person who keep gratitude heart forever。 Are not in trouble.一个永保感恩心的人。就比较不会陷入困境。

14、No one is born this to who well so we have to learn to be grateful.没有人天生该对谁好所以我们要学会感恩。

15、The stars can light up the night sky, thanks to weigh ourselves.星星能照亮夜空,感恩可掂量自我。



1、Thanks to the blue sky, because the blue sky to make people happy, chest one Gordian knot, in looking at the blue sky, one quietly opened. 译文:感谢蓝天,因为蓝色的天空让人快乐,心中的心结,看着蓝天,一个静静地打开了。

2、thanks to the blue sky , because the blue sky wrapped around the earth, wrapped in a human, wrapped in all things, as we hold precious oxygen. 译文:感谢蓝天,因为蓝色的天空包裹着地球,包裹在人类之中,包裹在万物之中,我们拥有珍贵的氧气。

3、Thanks to Blue sky, Thanks to the clouds, for if only a deep blue sky is a lonely landscape. And when the ever-changing clouds dotted the sky, only beautiful to describe. Early in the morning twilight, cloud is wearing a colorful veil, it is charming and moving. 译文:感谢蓝天,感谢云彩,因为只有深蓝色的天空才是孤独的风景。当不断变化的云点缀着天空,才是美丽的描述。清晨的晨光中,云朵带着色彩斑斓的面纱,它美丽而动人。

4、Thanks to the green water, because if she and her brothers and sisters disappear, then we and everything will disappear, because we can"t live without their moisture, is inseparable from the care, without them, the vitality of the earth will be a silence. Thank Green. 译文:多亏了绿色的水,因为如果她和她的兄弟姐妹们消失了,那么我们和所有的一切都会消失,因为我们不能没有他们的滋润,无法生存,没有他们,地球的活力将是一片寂静。谢谢绿色

5、Thank the trees, because the old blue sky protection, but the oxygen total a day will be consumed, we rely on oxygen to survive the creatures die, but fortunately there are itemized, it can filter carbon dioxide, procing oxygen supply us. Add fresh green spots to feel comfortable and refreshing.  译文:感谢树木,因为有蓝天保护,但是氧气总有一天会被消耗,我们依靠氧气生存的生物死亡,但幸运的是有分项,它可以过滤二氧化碳,产生氧气供给我们。加入新鲜的绿色斑点,让你感到舒适和清爽。

6、Thanks to the grass, because trees can not be everywhere, and their growth need space, stones, on the roof, can be seen everywhere, they all in their efforts to transform the environment. 译文:多亏了草地,因为树木不能无处不在,它们的生长需要空间,石头,屋顶上,随处可见,它们都在努力改造环境。

7、Thanks to the flowers, because if there is no their well decorated, the earth will not be more colorful. Thank Flowers.I thank nature, thanks to his blue sky, his clouds, his green water, his trees, his grass, his gifts of flowers, as well as his own.  译文:多亏了这些花,因为如果没有它们的精心装饰,地球就不会变得更加丰富多彩。谢谢花。我感谢大自然,感谢它的蓝天、云彩、绿水、树、草、鲜花和它自己的礼物。

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