电影中句子经典语录 在电影中摘抄十句经典台词。(英文电影)

  In fact, if I close my eyes,I can still see you there just standing in the dawn light.
  I"m gonna make him an offer he can"t refuse.

  You"re waiting for a train, a train that will take you far away. You know where you hope this train will take you, but you can"t be sure. But it doesn"t matter - because we"ll be together.
  Love means never having to say you"re sorry
  Perfection is not just about control. It"s also about letting go. I felt perfect. I was perfect.
  完美不是控制出来的,是爆发出来的。 我感觉到完美。我就是完美。
  life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get.
  生命就像一盒巧克力, 结果往往出人意料。
  You don"t have to perform. Just make it for yourself.

  When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.
  Some of us get dipped in flat, some in satin, some in gloss.... But every once in a while you find someone who"s iridescent, and when you do, nothing will ever compare.
  That maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue. And maybe we can actually never have it...


电影中句子经典语录 在电影中摘抄十句经典台词。(英文电影)


1For a very sober-minded people, death is just another great adventure.对于头脑十分清醒的人来说,死亡不过是另一场伟大的冒险。 ——邓不利多 2 .This was a man deeply loved, despite the love our people have died, also left us with a protective shield Forever.被一个人这样深深地爱过,尽管那个爱我们的人已经死了,也会给我们留下一个永远的护身符。 ——邓不利多 3、We need to deal with the enemy superhuman courage, and to adhere to a friend in front of their position, but also a great deal of courage.对付敌人我们需要超人的胆量,而要在朋友面前坚持自己的立场,同样也需要很大的勇气。 ——邓不利多 4、Forever Do not believe any thing is capable of thinking independently, unless you see it to where the minds of the Tibetan.永远不要相信任何能够独立思考的东西,除非你看清了它把头脑藏在什么地方。 ——韦斯莱先生 5、The performance of our true self, is our own choice, all this than we have the capacity even more important.表现我们真正的自我,是我们自己的选择,这比我们所俱有的能力更重要。 ——邓不利多 6、If you kill Harry, then you should we have to kill.如果你要杀哈利,那你要把我们也杀死! ——罗恩 7、Patron saint is a positive force, it is something initiated by Dementors food - hope, happiness, the desire to live - but it does not like real people do despair, so Dementors on the impossible It hurt.守护神是一种正面力量,它所倡导的东西正是摄魂怪的食粮——希望、快乐、活下去的愿望——但它不能像真正的人那样感到绝望,因此摄魂怪就没法伤害它。 ——卢平 8、Die than betray a friend, and we will do so for you!死了总比背叛朋友强,我们也会为你这样做的! ——小天狼星布莱克 9、Your father live in you, Harry, you need him, he was in you know.你爸爸活在你身上,哈利,在你需要他的时候,他在你身上表现得最清楚。 ——邓不利多 10、Only through unity can we have a strong, if the split, then a single blow.我们只有团结才会强大,如果分裂,便不堪一击。 ——邓不利多 11、As long as we share the same objectives and open our hearts, habits and language differences will not be an obstacle.只要我们目标一致,敞开心胸,习惯和语言的差异都不会成为障碍。 ——邓不利多 12、I do not want it, nor need it. But I need some laughter. We may all need some laughter. I have a feeling that we will soon need a laugh more than usual.我不想要它,也不需要它。但是我需要一些欢笑。我们可能都需要一些欢笑。我有一种感觉,我们很快就会需要比往常更多的欢笑了。 ——哈利 13、The past will always come and we will accept it.该来的总归会来,来了我们就接受它。 ——海格 14、But indifference, but also turned a blind eye is often straightforward than the harm to much larger offensive.可是漠不关心,还有视而不见,往往会比直截了当的厌恶造成的伤害大得多。 ——邓不利多 15、It is easy to forgive someone else"s mistake, it is difficult to forgive someone else"s right.人们容易原谅别人的错误,却很难原谅别人的正确。 ——邓不利多 16、Out-and-out is Dumbledore and more people, right, Potter?彻头彻尾是邓不利多的人,对不对,波特? ——斯克林杰 17、Only when the people here are no longer loyal to him (Dumbledore), he would leave this school.只有当这里的人都不再忠实于他(邓不利多),他才会离开这所学校。 ——哈利 第6中的,When we in the face of darkness and death, we fear that is unknown, in addition, no other.当我们在面对黑暗和死亡的时候,我们害怕的只是未知,除此之外,没有别的


1.是不是我诚心诚意的祈祷,我就能回到生命中最美好的时光,我一直以为那就是天堂。那时侯,我最爱的女人陪在我身旁。--出自 电影《绿里奇迹》
3.生活这条狗啊,追的我连从容撒泡尿的时间都没有。--出自 电影《英雄时代》
4.你知道春天永远不会消失,就象你知道结冰后还会再流淌,当凄风枯雨赶走春天之时,就像一个年轻人无缘无故地死去。--出自 电影《天使之城》
5.平凡?当你做同一件事,一千次,一万次,不出错,做得那么好,这就不平凡了。--出自 电影《悭钱家族》

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