They"re all different. But they all share the same goal.

To serve the most despicable master they could find.
Making their master happy was the tribe"s very reason for existence.
But that"s not to say that they didn"t have other passions.
Poor man. So trusting, so fragile, so-so delicious.

The dark ages were actually fun times.
Look at all those faces out there, we are all so different.

We have big dreams, and we will do anything to make them come true.

And everyone whoever doubted me
Would be watching and they would be crying.
But, I"m so very polite, that I shall keep my mouth t.

And you have stolen not just England,but my heart.

I thought I could get over what you did.



1.who are you texting?你在给谁发短信?No one!Just my friend Avery.没谁!只是一个叫Avery的朋友 Avery...Eh?Avery?Avery……呃?Avery?Is that a girl"s nameabcor a boy"s name?这是一个男名还是女名?Does it matter?有什么关系吗?No!No,it doesn"t matter,不!不 没关系 unless it"s a boy!除非 是个男孩!I know what makes you a boy.我知道是什么使你成为男孩的 Uhh,you do?呃……你……懂?Your bald head.你的秃头 Ohh.Yes.哦 是啊 It"s really smooth.它好光滑 Sometimes I stare at it,有时候我看着它 and imagine a littleabcchick popping out.然后想象一只小鸡蹦出来 Peep-peep-peep!哔哔哔 Goodnight,Agnes.晚安Agnes Never get older.永远不要长大 Hey,yo!嗨 哟!Hey,Tim,nice haircut!嘿Tim 发型不错!Tommy,hang in there,baby!Tommy 加油 宝贝!


1.who are you texting? 你在给谁发短信? No one! Just my friend Avery. 没谁!只是一个叫Avery的朋友 Avery... Eh? Avery? Avery……呃?Avery? Is that a girl"s nameabcor a boy"s name? 这是一个男名还是女名? Does it matter? 有什么关系吗? No! No, it doesn"t matter, 不!不 没关系 unless it"s a boy! 除非 是个男孩! I know what makes you a boy. 我知道是什么使你成为男孩的 Uhh, you do? 呃……你……懂? Your bald head. 你的秃头 Ohh. Yes. 哦 是啊 It"s really smooth. 它好光滑 Sometimes I stare at it, 有时候我看着它 and imagine a littleabcchick popping out. 然后想象一只小鸡蹦出来 Peep-peep-peep! 哔哔哔 Goodnight, Agnes. 晚安Agnes Never get older. 永远不要长大 Hey, yo! 嗨 哟! Hey, Tim, nice haircut! 嘿Tim 发型不错! Tommy, hang in there, baby! Tommy 加油 宝贝!
  2.We are the Anti-Villain League. 我们是除恶联盟 An ultra secret organization dedicatedabcto fighting crime on a global scale. 旨在全球范围内对抗犯罪的绝密组织 Rob a bank, we"re not interested.abcKill someone, not our deal. 抢银行?我们不感兴趣 杀人?关我们屁事 But you were to melt the polarabcice caps, or vaporize Mount Fuji, 但是 如果你想融化极地冰盖 或者蒸发富士山 or even, 甚至 Steal the moon... 盗窃月亮…… Then, we notice. 那就会引起我们注意了
  3.And that"s where you come in. As an ex-villain,abcyou know how a villain thinks, and acts. 于是就轮到你商场了 作为一个前恶人 你了解恶人的思维以及行为
  4.I know someone whoabccan fix that for you. 我知道有人能改变你 And you"ll be talkingabcnormal in no time! 你再也不会显得平庸!
  5.all too well. It is theabclook of a broken heart. 你装过头了 其实内在是一颗破碎的心
  6.Okay! I see whereabcthis is going! 够了 这下我懂了 impossible stuff, 就是《碟中谍》的那一套嘛 But no, no. 但是 不 不行 I"m a father now. And,abca legitimate businessman. 我现在是一个父亲 一个守法的商人 I am developing a line ofabcdelicious jams and jellies. 我正在开发一条美味(mcqyy)果酱果冻的生产线 "Jams and jellies". “果酱果冻” Oh, attitude! 哦 真有礼貌哦!
  7.And my new Mom Lucy is beyond compare 而我的新妈妈Lucy 是世界上最好的妈妈
  8.I enjoyed that. Every second of it,abcGave me bit of a buzz, actually... 我享受整个过程的每一秒钟 说实话 我都快high起来了!
  9.I really like the wayabcyou smiled at the end. 我真喜欢结尾处你那个微笑 Let"s try this one more time butabca tinsy-bit less like a zombie. 下面我们再试一次 注意不要弄得像僵尸一样
  10.And sometimes, I eat insteadabcof facing my problems! 而且有时候 什么东西烦我 我就把什么给吃了
  11.So, you"re saving the worldabcin a garbage can? 所以说 你就在垃圾箱里拯救世界?
  12.And my dream, is to one day,abcplay video games for a living. 我的梦想就是以打游戏为生
  13.You never know what kind ofabcbooby traps this guy could"ve set. 你永远不会知道这个家伙会使什么鬼点子
  14.These are sordid lies.abcI don"t even like her. 蹩脚的谎话 我甚至都不喜欢她
  15.You just officially hadabcthe worst date ever. 你圆满完成了史上最糟糕约会
  16.When someone moves into theabcmall who is follically challenged, 当具有极大挑战性的人走进商场 I make it my businessabcto know all about them. 我的任务就是去了解他
  17.Are you reallyabcgonna save the world? 你真的要拯救世界吗? Yes. Yes, I am. 是的是的 没错

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