1.This moment will nap,you will have a dream; But this moment study,you will interpret a dream.
2.I leave uncultivated today,was precisely yesterday perishes tomorrow which person of body implored.
3.Thought is already is late,exactly is the earliest time.
4.Not matter of the today will drag tomorrow.
5.Time the study pain is temporary,has not learned the pain is life-long.
6.Studies this matter,lacks the time,but is lacks diligently.
7.Perhaps happiness does not arrange the position,but succeeds must arrange the position.
8.The study certainly is not the life complete.But,sincecontinually life part of - studies also is unable to conquer,what butalso can make?
9.Please enjoy the pain which is unable to avoid.
10.Only has compared to the others early,diligently diligently,canfeel the successful taste.
11.Nobody can casually succeed,it comes from the thoroughself-control and the will.
12.The time is passing.
13.Now drips the saliva,will become tomorrow the tear.
14.The dog equally study,the gentleman equally plays.
15.Today does not walk,will have to run tomorrow.
16.The investment future person will be,will be loyal to the reality person.
17.The ecation level represents the income.
18.One day,has not been able again to come.
19.Even if the present,the match does not stop changes the page.
20.Has not been difficult,then does not have attains



我觉得有些人只对生活的艰苦灰心丧气,因此把时间都浪费在灰心丧气里,我们称之为愤怒,对事物的整体视而不见,对于所有能够成功的微小元素视而不见。I think people just get frustrated without harsh, life can be. So they"re spending their time dwelling on that frustration we calling it anger. keep their eyes t to the wholeness of the situation.   
世界在转动,你只是一粒尘埃,没有你地球照样在转。现实是不会按照你的意志去改变的,因为别人的意志会比你的更强。The world is changing while you"re just a starst. The earth turns arround with or without you. Reality doesn"t change according to your will.

你会怀疑地球是否在转动,即使你不在也照样如此,情况不能像你希望的一样,有些人的需求,有些人的信念会比你的更强烈。The world moves you just suspect. it could no happen without you. Situations are not conced to what you want for yourself. Someone else"s needs, someone else"s plate is going to be stronger than yours is.

生活的残酷会让人不知所措,于是有人终日沉浸在彷徨迷茫之中,不愿睁大双眼去看清形势,不愿去想是哪些细小的因素累积在一起造成了这种局面。Keep their eyes t to the wholeness of the situation. All those tinny things that have come together to make it, what it is.

请不要闭眼,机会就在下一秒出现。残酷的现实面前你应勇往直前。Don"t close your eyes, rise again after you fall, you need to get out.

因为我的父母迫使我向深处里观察,我有幸看到所有的微小事务是如何最终聚集在一起最终形成产物的,所以我从来不问为什么这样,为什么那样,我知道为什么,这样并不能让我高兴,很多时候倒让我觉得很难过,但是我总是勇于接受,我总是勇于接受事实,我知道我总想离开我的环境。Because I was turned so inward by mom and dad, I got chance to see how all the little tiny things come together to make the final proct .So I was never inclined to wonder why this or why that. I knew why. not that I was happy about it, in fact I was really sad about it, some of the time. but I was very excepting, I was very excepting. I just always knew that I need to get out.

我为什么要觉得可怜,这就是我的生活。我甚至要感谢它,它让我在任何情况下都必须往前走。我没有退路,我只能不停地努力向前走。Did you ever feel sorry for yourself?--That had always been my life and I really```I feel that I got lucky, because any sensive security was pulled out so I was forced to look forward. I had to... there was no going back and I reached a point where I just thought, "oh I"m gonna work as hard as I possibly can and see what happens" and now I"m going to college. and the NYT is going to pay.


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