友谊赛 friendly

The impressive nature of their 1-0 friendly win in Germany in March prompted critics to reassess their preconceptions。


warm-up 热身赛

The Bayern Munich winger had missed the Netherlands" two previous warm-up matches, against Mexico and Ghana, e to a hip problem。


qualifying game 预选赛

Though the USA and Mexico are always heavy favorites to advance to the World Cup, qualifying games are never easy, especially on the road。


group match/group phase 小组赛

Argentina will face Greece, Nigeria and South Korea in the group phase。


round robin 循环赛

The tournament will be a round robin for all the high school teams in the city。


knockout round 淘汰赛

This season, the Second Group Phase has been abolished in favor of a two-legged knockout round。


quarter-final 1/4决赛

The draw for the quarter-final matches was held Friday morning at UEFA headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland。


semi-final 半决赛

Our team just scraped into the semi-finals。


final 决赛

The World Cup final is being transmitted live to over fifty countries。




Argues With Officials - Likes to argue with referees and assistants

Arrives Late In Opposition Area - Likes to make a late run to arrive in opposition area

Curls Ball - When shooting the player likes to attempt to curl the ball around the keeper

Dwells On Ball - Pauses too long with ball before deciding what to do (negative trait as oppose to "Stops Play" which is more positive)
在处理球之前停顿时间过长(和更加积极的“Stops Play”习惯相对,趋向消极)
注:关于这个习惯有些疑问。因为09取消了stops play这个习惯,而这个英文解释来自于FM05,所以不排除09中将dwells on ball 和 stops play 两个习惯合并的可能。如果是那样的话,那么这个习惯就没有消极的含义,至少也是不褒不贬的中性。虽然这个可能性不大~~~~。附:stops play - Player who pauses and looks around before doing anything with ball——处理球前先观察场上情况。
Dives Into Tackles - Some player go to ground more than others
注:关于这个习惯,我坚定地认为译成“一铲就倒”是完全错误的。一个是从字面来解释,一个是看那个让球员学习习惯的界面里面,与之对应的选项是Throws Himself into Tackles/Stays on His Feet Whilst Tackling a Player。

Does Not Dive Into Tackles - Some players tend to stay on there feet and clip the ball away instead of going to ground

Gets Into Opposition Area - A player who likes to get into the opposition"s area whenever he can

Gets Forward Whenever Possible - A non-striking player who likes to get into the box when it is possible

Hits Free Kicks With Power - Likes to blast free kicks rather than place

Likes To Round Keeper - When through on goal likes to attempt to go around the keeper with the ball rather than attempting to shot past the keeper

Likes to try to Beat the Offside Trap - Likes to try and time his runs to stay onside when the ball is played forward to him

Likes To Lob Keeper - Likes to attempt to lob the keeper when the opportunity arises

Moves Into Channels - A striker who likes to move into wide areas to receive the ball

Plays Short Simple Passes - A player who prefers to make short passes rather than attempting killer balls or long passes

Places Shots - The player likes to place his shot accurately when shooting rather than blast with power

Plays No Through Balls - Player to scared to try and make the killer pass

Runs With Ball Down Left - Likes to dribble the ball down the left side

Runs With Ball Down Right - Likes to dribble the ball down the right side

Runs With Ball Through Centre - Likes to dribble the ball down the centre

Shoots Long - Likes to shoot from distance

Shoots With Power - Likes to blast his shot with power

Stays Back At All Times - Never goes forward (Generally central defender who never ventures over the half way line)

Tries To Play Out Of Trouble - Like to use skill to get out of trouble rather then booting the ball to safety

Tries Killer Balls Often - Tries to play a through ball to the strikers to get them clear on goal whenever possible
进攻失败:噢,一个机会浪费了……(Oh,there was a chance.)(评论:)……足球是一项多人运动,需要更多的配合。(Football is a team game, and a bit more team work is needed.)
不靠谱的远射:他在那儿射门?(He shoots from there?)他要试一下!(He trys one!)
门将抱住球:门将拿到了球。(The keeper has it.)
射偏:门将不用理会那样的射门。(The keeper doesn"t worry about that shot.)噢,太遗憾了,就差临门一脚啊……(Oh,what a shame!Just demand the finish...)
在越位位置进球:球进了!噢,糟糕,边裁举旗了,越位。裁判说:“进球无效。”(It"s a goal!Oh,no,the flag"s up,offside.The referee says,"No goal.")
获得角球:门将将球击出,角球。(The keeper punches it,corner.)
点球射飞:你无论如何也不该射飞点球。(You should never ever lose a penalty.)
回传:回传,可能有麻烦了。(Back pass,some worries" come.)
That"s clever,very clever.聪明
Into the net.进球
Good Ball好球
Wait, what is the goalkeeper going to do? He dribbled past the opponent strikers. He didn"t pass the ball. What does he think he is doing?? Now is already second half and I"m sure his team don"t want to concede another goal at this stage of the match. He went on dribbling. He showed the midfielders a clean set of heels. He has shown amazing dribbling skills. He still didn"t pass the ball. He continued sprinting with the ball without being stopped. What are the defenders doing?? Now the keeper is one on one with the keeper. He drives the ball low... and he scored!!!! The goalkeeper scored a sensational goal!!!!! What an indivial effort!!!!!!!

通常在第一个进球后会说they found "di o ne" 有时也说:it"s "di o ne"然后是什么"they"ve taken the lead."


1, football can exercise people"s physical strength and enrance, enhance team awareness, enhance personal confidence.
2, football is an international movement, hardware requirements are not high, suitable for most people to practice, greatly stimulated human movement enthusiasm, improve population quality, and soccer sports exchanges are concive to world peace, with the year of ping pong diplomacy similar.
3 at the same time the football also represents a spirit, positive and progressive unyielding spirit, which is very important for any country or indivial.

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